The Instagram loop giveaways are a new fashion these years. Do you know that Instagram loop giveaway can make  your page grow 10k IG followers overnight? How to join an Instagram Loop Giveaway? Let’s find out.

An Instagram loop giveaway is fairly popular on Instagram, but if you just heard of it you probably don’t know what it is.

In this article, we’ll walk you through that and tell you everything you need to know about an Instagram loop giveaway.

How Instagram Loop Giveaway Work?

1. We partner up with HUGE celebrities and influencers and utilize their audience to drive traffic to your page.

2. These celebrities we partner with give away cash prizes and luxury items to their followers.

3. In order for people to enter the celebrity giveaway, they must follow a list of people our agency or host page follows on Instagram.

4. After payment is processed, our host page will follow your account and individuals will be required to follow you in order to enter the giveaway.

Why Instagram Loop Can Increase Followers?

In order for people to enter the celebrity giveaway, they must follow a list of people our agency or host page follows on Instagram.

This drives MASSIVE amounts of growth to your page.

These campaigns are cheaper in price due to the nature of the campaigns. People follow your page in order to win a cash prize or luxury item, not necessarily for your content.

Is It Safe to Join Instagram Loops for Followers?

While most followers you gain should stay, especially if you run a good page, over time you’ll lose a portion of the people gained from the loop giveaway. This will usually be because they come from someone else in the loop who doesn’t share a whole lot in common with you, but other times it may be a force of habit on their end to unfollow Instagrams after giveaways.

With this in mind, don’t immediately look at your new, high follower count at the peak of the giveaway. Ignore your follow count for a few days and just focus on posting some more content- at the end of this period, check your followers again to find out just how many stayed because they liked what you were doing with your page.

On the other side, joining Instagram loop giveaways is a legal behavior. A Facebook spokesperson said, “This behavior doesn’t violate our policies.” The followers you get are from real people. So there’re no bots that would be tracked by Instagram.

Pros and Cons of Instagram Loop Giveaway

To better understand the Instagram loops for followers, let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages of it.


Real followers: The followers you get are from the people who want the prize. Therefore, they are real. Every participant has a purpose, the prize, or the followers, while it’s not a robot can do.

Organic growth: The growth of the followers isn’t instant but organic as the activity will last for a time. During this time, you will gradually get more and more free Instagram followers.

Increase exposure: This point is obvious. Once you join the loop, your Instagram will get a big exposure both because of the giveaway prize and the host who should be a big influencer. Imagine that, most of the followers of the host will come to your Instagram, and the reach of your IG will definitely rise.

Be related to big influencers and brands: If you join the giveaway, you are on the celebrity team. For example, if the host is GiGi and the sponsors are Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, you will be a member of them!

Join Instagram Loop Giveaway


Low engagement: As I said before, there’s a purpose behind those followers. On the one hand, if their purposes are not realized, you may lose lots of them after the activity ends. On the other hand, if the followers remain, they will seldom engage with you. A blogger who has tested, the engagement drop nearly a half when followers grow.

High Costs: Joining the giveaway is not free. The more followers the host has, the more it will cost. If the host has over 1 million followers, it may cost you hundreds of dollars.

How to Join an Instagram Loop Giveaway and Where to Find?

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