A Linktree is a website that allows users to add multiple links to their profile, making it easier for their followers to access their other social media platforms, website, and other online content.

This is particularly useful for Tiktok users because the app does not currently allow users to include more than one link in their profile. By using a Linktree, Tiktok users can provide their followers with easy access to their other online content, helping to drive traffic and engagement.

  1. Share more than links: Collect emails, embed Youtube videos, Spotify songs, voting polls
  2. Share your social profiles: Get people to follow you on every platform you’re active on.
  3. Create a micro website: Import your favorite posts, articles, pics, and media from your profiles across the web.
  4. Put your bio on autopilot: Automatically show your latest posts and vids without touching your bio. Just set it and forget it!

Step-by-step guide on How to Make a Linktree for Tiktok

Many users are frustrated with the results of Linktree. Creating a page for your Tiktok bio using ConvertKit provides you with even more features for free, it’s the best tool for your online hub and it’s the best alternative to Linktree.

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Creating a link in bio page for Tiktok using Convertkit

Creating a Linktree for Tiktok is simple and only takes a few minutes. What you need:

Step 1: Creating a link page

Go to your Convertkit account. Scroll down to the bottom of the page then Click Create a free link page to add a new landing page.

Step 2: Choose a template

Choose a template then Click Choose.

how to make a linktree for tiktok

Step 3: Edit the template

Start editing the template using the landing page editor. You can change the color, the image, the font, the links.

how to make a linktree for tiktok

Step 4: Save & Publish your link in bio

Once all your changes are saved (1), you can publish your page (2), grab the link (3) and paste it on your Tiktok bio.

how to make a linktree for tiktok

Tips for using your Link in bio page effectively

  • Your Link in bio page should be regularly updated with new and interesting content.
  • Use a catchy title for your Link in bio page to entice followers to click on it.
  • Experiment with different layout and design options to make your link in bio page stand out.