AI Art prompts are a complete game changer to creating amazing images. You can use AI Art prompts to form as many creative images as you want.

In this blog, you are going to find out the best AI art prompts. Here is a little introduction to prompts. Let us know a bit about it.

What Is a Prompt?

A prompt is a word, phrase, question, or even an image to give as a beginning point or inspiration for a creative work. Some of the outcomes of prompts are a piece of writing, performance, or artwork. Here, our focus is the artwork. A prompt is a raw idea to stimulate the imagination of an AI art generator.

So, in terms of AI art, a prompt serves as a guide to an AI algorithm to generate a distinct type of image or artwork. For instance, you can use “generate a landscape with a warm sunset” as a prompt to get a beautiful AI-generated image. Thus, you can narrow down the possibilities by providing a starting point for the AI art generators.

How to Create the Best AI Art Prompts?

The best practice to guide your AI art generator is to create a prompt with around 3 to 7 words.

Lexica ai art generator

What Prompts to Use for AI Art?

A prompt with at least 3 words is excellent since it provides the AI art generator with a clear context. You should not use multiple adjectives in a single prompt. It may infuse more than one feeling into the artwork. However, if you need an image with multiple feelings, you can always use more adjectives. Another important aspect to use most of the AI art generators effectively is to include the name of any artist in the prompt. In this way, you can suggest the AI art generator to mimic the style of your suggested artist.

Now you know what a prompt is and how to create prompts as per your requirement. So, coming to the main topic, let us discuss the best AI art prompts.

AI art generators categorize prompts into different categories. Here are some key types and the best AI art prompts related to the said categories.

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustrations
  • Video games
  • Generic
  • Fashion Design
  • Food

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Graphic Design Prompts

Here is a list of prompts you can use to guide your AI art generator to create outstanding graphic designs in no time:

  1. Generate a set of abstract geometric shapes and merge
  2. Generate multiples landscapes, and incorporate them into a cover design (You can use covers for books, magazines, games, or any other thing as per your requirement)
  3. Generate skin patterns for skincare products (You can use various patterns and skin tones to depict a plethora of your products)
  4. Generate cool themes ( you can use these cheerful themes as background images to create cartoons or poems)
  5. Generate Futuristic tech designs (you can use them as the background of presentations)
  6. Merge different buildings to create futuristic, complex building designs

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Illustrations Prompts

Here are a few ideas for you to generate prompts to get special illustrations:

  1. Generate transformation images (for instance, the transformation of a bud into a flower or the transformation of a kitten into a cat)
  2. Generate a different natural world featuring flora and fauna (thus, you can create various sets of imaginary worlds that may look like the real one)
  3. Generate fairy tales related illustrations (you can incorporate them in cartoons or poems or other animations or in kids’ story books too)
  4. Generate animals & birds illustrations (just like the previous prompt, you may use animals & birds illustrations in cartoons, poems, or kids’ story books to let them comprehend the world in a better way)
  5. Generate comic book characters
  6. Generate an image of a historical character with the help of life events
  7. Generate an invitation card for an event (you can incorporate further details according to the need)
  8. Generate a travel guide for a specific place (you can create guidebooks featuring important places and depicting the culture of a specific place)

Video Games Prompts

  1. Generate two animals’ images and merge them to create a new character
  2. Merge different vehicles to create new (In this way, you can get a series of images to create new themes or newer versions of any game)
  3. Generate unconventional armor and weapons ( you can guide your AI art generator to use existing weapons and merge them to create new weapons to show a futuristic approach in any game)
  4. Generate dark background scenes (You can create plenty of images to use for different themes)
  5. Generate cheerful gaming characters (you can use these characters to create new games for little ones)
  6. Generate funky-colored themes (get numerous themes to create games for kids)
  7. (you can create gaming characters inspired by famous book characters as you can get enough information in the form of text to guide the AI art generator)
  8. Generate a set of futuristic cityscapes for a virtual reality experience

Generic Prompts

Here are a few best prompts for you:

  1. Generate a landscape that depicts an imagined planet
  2. Generate and merge abstract shapes and forms
  3. Generate a bulky baby girl with a silver braid
  4. Generate a series of textures and patterns
  5. Generate a series of planets and galaxies
  6. Generate thunderstorm (you can generate images of rain, snow, or other such phenomena)
  7. Generate neon-inspired shapes to design a flyer for a Science event (You can generate a variety of patterns to design and use them as background images for flyers, banners, or even for journals or diaries)
  8. Generate images to show a child’s emotions (you can generate a number of images that show every emotion of a kid)
  9. Generate pencil sketches of famous personalities
  10. Generate a set of abstract art pieces
  11. Generate a set of minimalistic illustrations (You can use minimalistic illustrations for various purposes such as infographics, packaging designs, or even data visualization )
  12. Create abstract images of building

Fashion Designing Prompts

  1. Create a mashup of different flowers (Thus, you can create new flowers to use to create new patterns and designs for a clothing or bedding line)
  2. Create funky patterns (you can use these patterns to create different color patterns)
  3. Generate futuristic fashion designs inspired by science fiction
  4. Generate futuristic fashion designs inspired by technology
  5. Generate futuristic fashion designs inspired by climate
  6. Generate abstract design and merge (thus, you can create even new color palettes for new launches or season-specific volumes of clothing line)
  7. Generate a fashion sketch for a luxury couture gown (you can incorporate other details such as clothing type, color, texture, and other details as per your client’s requirements)

Food Prompts

Here are a few yummy prompts for you:

  1. Generate multi-flavored ice cream topped with dry fruits
  2. Generate images of freshly washed fruits and vegetable
  3. Generate candy bars and cotton candies in vibrant colors
  4. Generate an image of mouth-watering grilled fish
  5. Generate a table full of different breakfast dishes (you can create such images for food menus or social media banners to attract more clients)

So, these are a few examples of the best Ai art prompts that you can use to create a whole new digital world. There are several other categories such as interior design, animations, sports, sci-fi, gothic and many others. Once you get some experience in generating images using the best AI art prompts, it will become easy for you to create your own prompts.