If you’re planning to buy Short Form Checklist, I have some seriously important MUST KNOW information about this course and the person behind it, so spend 5 minutes of your time on this Short Form Checklist review to make an educated decision for your hard-earned money!

Before I dive into this Short Form Checklist review, let me give you a quick outline of what you’re about to find out in this review:

  • Is the content and delivery quality of this course good?
  • How does Short Form Checklist work?
  • Is it easy to implement Short Form Checklist strategies?
  • What’s inside Short Form Checklist?
  • My final verdict on Short Form Checklist

Some of my results 2 months after joining Short Form Checklist

AI Profits Course Result

Promoting courses & products using automation techniques taught inside Short Form Checklist

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AI Profits Course Result

So let’s talk about the content quality…

This is the first thing I care about in every online course I purchase and since I’m reviewing Short Form Checklist, this will be the first thing I’ll review.

I generally divide this into 2 segments, details quality and delivery quality.

Details Quality:

The course is known for its detailed instructions and it gets a 10/10 for this one. The program is known for its Click-by-Click instructions.

You will see everything as it happens. There is no “do this or that” in the program. Training is done with the example, meaning that you’ll learn everything as Chase Reiner shows you how to automate your income with bots even while you sleep.

Delivery Quality:

Delivery is another great feature of the Course. The course itself is divided into easy-to-follow and understand segments but more importantly, it’s organized in the right order.

I’ve purchased so many make money online courses that were terrible at the content order, meaning that lessons were being delivered in the wrong order, making it hard to follow and implement.

Fortunately, this course doesn’t have this problem and get’s a 10/10 for delivery quality.

In addition to that, you’ll access the affiliate program, which gives you additional options like earning massive commissions.

short form checklist

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How Does Short Form Checklist Work?

This training will teach you to make money online using bots even while you sleep.

The full strategy is much more complicated than this but here are some basics. This course will teach you how to use bots to:

  • Sell services to local businesses on autopilot
  • promote affiliate offers on Warrior+ or Clickbank
  • generate thousands of leads every month
  • automate all your social media (Tiktok, Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Quora)

Here’s a fun fact:

Course founder, Chase Reiner is one of the most popular Online Entrepreneur on Youtube, earning over $2,000,000 per year not only selling courses, but also from Affiliate commissions, Youtube Ad Revenue and from his SEO software ShineRanker.

Chase Reiner AI Profits Course

Chase Reiner, Founder of Short Form Checklist


Is It Easy to Implement These Strategies?

The answer is yes and no, here’s what I mean:

The course isn’t a one-button money-making system, so if you’re planning to be lazy, I recommend a lottery ticket instead of this course. But if you can promise yourself that you’ll work a little bit to put some time and effort into this, you’ll get results like this:

short form checklist

The screenshot above is a snapshot of Daniel Veiga, an AI Profits Student. As you see, he has made $9,326 in 7 days, that’s way more than  a classic job salary.

Keep in mind that these results aren’t that crazy yet since he’s new to this program but if he can do it with some minimal effort, I’m sure you can do it too.

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What’s Inside Short Form Checklist?

Looking Short Form Checklist will tell you why this program is the best make money online course you can find. I have a dedicated page for what’s inside Short Form Checklist but I’m going to give you a quick outline here.

The course has 6 core modules (I will go into the details of each) with 60+ excluse video lessons.

The updates that come with the Course are the top reason I believe this course is the best make money online training you can get on the internet.

short form checklist

A screenshot of the welcome module. 


The course is priced at $434 as I write this article. Because Chase is constantly adding more value to the course, the price goes up every week.

In my very honest opinion, it is by FAR worth the money I invested back in july 2022.

Traffic I received as a result of the strategies applied from this course has paid for itself in ads and affiliate revenue.

Now I know what you may be thinking…

“Aren’t you just recommending this course because you are an affiliate?”

Honestly, I would recommend this course even if I wasn’t an affiliate because the course has provided me with so much value and I am beyond thankful to Chase for this course.

I only ever recommend services that I genuinely love and have purchased or used myself.

There are numerous inspiring testimonials on his sales page if you’re still not convinced.

I urge you to have a thorough look for more FAQ and detailed information.

The verdict is certainly in for me.

I’ve seen amazing results from taking this course and it is, in my opinion, the best and most genuine Make money online course on the web and I cannot wait to see where it will take you.

Please let me know in the comments below the results you’ve had from this course or if you have any more questions about it.

I’d be happy to answer them in the comments or you can reach out by email patrick@moneyoninsta.com


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My Final Verdict on Short Form Checklist After 2 Months of Use

At the end of this Short Form Checklist review, I strongly believe this course is a great course and give it a 5-star rating for the reasons below:

  • Detailed click by click training (never seen a training this detailed anywhere else)
  • You can literally start making money 7 days after purchasing the course
  • You learn multiple strategies and methods used by super-affiliates
  • Delivery is clear and organized which makes it easy to understand and implement
  • They have a community where you can contact other members and ask questions
  • They constantly update the course with the latest proven methods

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