One of the biggest problems small business owners encounter using Instagram is that it only allows ONE link in the bio. It’s a pain to be constantly changing this link depending on what you are promoting at the time. Linktree is used to house all the links to services or goodies. If you are using LinkTree for your Instagram profile, please stop. In this article, I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t use Linktree and what is the alternative.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a free tool that helps you optimize your Instagram traffic. It serves as a landing page for your links and encourages your audience to consume more of your content. Linktree offers a paid version of the tool at $6/month and it gives you access to analytics, more themes, removal of the Linktree logo, and email sign-up integration.


Here are 4 reasons you should stop using it:

 1. You have ZERO control

You’re depending on an external third party app. If it breaks (which it has), then you have a broken link on your bio and there’s nothing you can do about it. Most people don’t even realize when the app is down or broken. Meanwhile, you’re losing potential leads, clients, and cash. LinkTree Instagram links can also be banned and/or marked as spam by Instagram at any time without any notice.

don't use linktree Instagram will block your link

  2. Sacrifices your branding

If you’re using the free version of Linktree, consider yourself a digital ad for the brand. Each time someone clicks the link in your bio, they will be met with the Linktree logo. Let’s not forget that the one link you’re allowed on Instagram will still be tied to Linktree. ( Lastly, the free version only allows you to choose from five themes, so good luck finding one that matches your personal brand’s colors.

web traffic driven to linktree

   3. Bad user experience and poor conversion

I don’t know about you, but every time I’ve clicked on a user’s Linktree link from their bio, it feels confusing and I usually just exit out. All of the buttons look the same, the text on the button is small and annoying to read and there are no engaging visuals, etc. This is just not how we consume information and certainly not how we convert!

65% of humans are visual learners and our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

Brands that create custom visual content have a 7x higher conversion rate.

There are hundreds of studies by marketers, psychologists, and cognitive neuroscientists that prove that visual content is the present and the future. Not only does visual content attract more eyes and encourage engagement, but it also skyrockets engagement and conversion. Linktree does not provide this option so you are missing out on capturing and converting a huge percentage of your leads!

  4. Minimal access to analytics

Linktree only allows you to see the number of times someone clicked on your links and they don’t even tell you which ones. That means you have no way of decerning which links are doing well unless you pay for the premium version of the tool. Even the paid version’s analytics are super limited. Plus, all of the data belongs to THEM. This means no data for your retargeting ads. ?

no access to analytics

OK, I’m done bashing Linktree, but what is the alternative?

First off, I have nothing against Linktree, but I think you’ll like my solution a whole lot better. It’s simple! Create your own Instagram Landing page on your own website.

This is seriously the most simple, reliable, and FREE workaround, I don’t know why more people aren’t doing it and why it took me so long to do it myself!

All you need is a mobile-friendly website (if you don’t have that already, talk with me about getting that sorted out ASAP!) a blank page, some buttons, and a header!

This is fun too because you can really style it however you like, it is YOUR website after all, so you have complete creative freedom here!

Benefits of having your own website hosted on WordPress:

  • 100% Control of your traffic
  • 100% Control of your branding
  • 7X Higher conversion rate
  • 100% Control and visibility of your analytics
  • 100% Control of your Facebook retargeting
  • Much much Cheaper than Linktree (Linktree – $6/month | WordPress – $3/month)

Here Is How To Set Up Your Own Website Instantly

STEP 1: Make a Website with WordPress in 10 Mins.

Click Here To Setup Your WordPress Website + Discount

STEP 2: Setup Your Linktree Alternative Page with all your Links

If you don’t want to handle this tech stuff, just contact me and I’ll do it for FREE.