Create a page for your social media bio using ConvertKit. With access to even more features for free, it’s the best tool for your online hub and it’s the best alternative to Linktree. Many users are frustrated with the results of Linktree. You are not alone. Fortunately, in this article discover why Convertkit is the best free Linktree alternative.

Best free linktree alternative

The ConvertKit link pages are the BEST! Now, instead of connecting multiple, limiting platforms I can grow my email list, promote my offers, and share my work in one beautiful, on-brand, customizable page.

Why is Convertkit the best Free Linktree alternative ?

Probably one of the main reasons people choose Linktree is because it allows you to add an unlimited number of links. But people look for Linktree alternatives because it allows you to share many other types of content than just links.
  1. Share more than links: Collect emails, embed Youtube videos, Spotify songs, voting polls
  2. Share your social profiles: Get people to follow you on every platform you’re active on.
  3. Create a micro website: Import your favorite posts, articles, pics, and media from your profiles across the web.
  4. Put your bio on autopilot: Automatically show your latest posts and vids without touching your bio. Just set it and forget it!

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Add Everything you need in your bio link. All for free.

The best free Linktree alternative

Not only can you create a page with unlimited links to showcase your latest content, but you can also embed images, videos, signup forms and more – for free.

Add media to your page

ConvertKit link pages are more than just links. Connect your Instagram feed, embed a video or use social icons to link to your profiles.

Grow your email list with sign up forms

Building an audience you can contact directly at anytime is mission-critical to creators. All ConvertKit link pages have opt-in forms so you can collect email addresses to turn your followers into subscribers.

Customize everything to create a uniquely-you page

The Best free linktree alternative

Create a page that stands out from the crowd. With unlimited access to their growing library of professionally-designed templates, you can customize each link page to fit your brand.

Code-free customization

With our easy editor, you can customize your link page all on your own. Change colors, fonts, images, and buttons to create a page that truly represents you.

Put visual impact on your most important content

Get more eyes on what matters most (at no extra cost). Their templates and styling options let you showcase your most important piece of content separate from the rest of your links.

How it works

More than just a list of links… Ready to do more with your link-in-bio? Here are some examples of how you can use ConvertKit’s link page templates.

1 – Choose what you want to share

Select your blocks from loads of different options and then import or add own your content.

2 – Reorder & customize your blocks

Simply use your mouse to add, delete, edit and move blocks around.

3 – Share your link anywhere you want

Share the customized bio with your audience on your favorite platforms.

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Types of Convertkit page templates

Content gallery

Does your content need more than a simple list of links? Upload your own imagery to customize your lists.

Best free linktree alternative

Button list

Want to keep it simple? Create a button list to send your followers to a few dedicated spaces.

Convertkit: The Best free linktree alternative

Instagram feed

Add a feed of your Instagram content and link out to articles, products, and more from any image.

Convertkit: The Best free linktree alternative


Create a custom storefront by adding images of your digital products and linking to your product pages.

Convertkit: The Best free linktree alternative

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ConvertKit vs Linktree

ConvertKit gives you features for free that Linktree only includes in their paid plan. See how both free tools stack up.

Convertkit Free

Linktree Free

Unlimited links

Embed videos

Newsletter email signup

Social icons

Collect phone numbers

Fully customizable templates

Share additional media

Facebook pixel

Custom page meta for SEO

Use a custom domain

QR code

Page view analytics

Page referrer analytics

Manage 1000 email subscribers

Send email broadcasts

Sell digital products

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people use Linktree?

Probably one of the main reasons people choose Linktree is because it allows you to add an unlimited number of links. But people look for Linktree alternatives because it allows you to share many other types of content than just links.

Is Linktree free?

The free version of Linktree allows you to create a social media page with unlimited number of links, basic analytics and customization. If you want to have 100% control of your landing page, you need to pay a monthly fee of $6 for the Starter plan, $10 for the Pro plan and $27 for the Premium plan.

Why is Convertkit the best free Linktree alternative?

Convertkit is the Linktree alternative that allows you to share more about you with a simple bio. You can display almost anything you want from the other platforms you’re active on: videos, pictures, articles, favorite music and much more.

Linktree vs The Best Way to Power Your Instagram Bio Link

Who is Linktree for?

Linktree is suitable for anyone who wants to drive traffic from Instagram to other channels, no matter if you’re an entrepreneur, a blogger artist or you run a content platform.

4 Reasons You Should Stop Using Linktree & What is The Alternative

Testimonials: What people are saying about Convertkit, the best Free Linktree alternative

The ease of design all on one page with edit tools and visuals resources is terrific – especially the Instagram integration! ConvertKit speaks my language, and is designed for creatives.

Dorene Olsen

Branding expert,

As a teacher who writes, I don’t have time to master complex landing page software, but in a few minutes I was able to create a landing page to collect names of readers who might be interested in my products.