The says that this course has made over 1.2 million in sales. But where is all the hype around this course? because I don’t see any, here’s why…

After joining Instagram University 3.0, I contacted Tom, one of the members that I met in the community. He was making about $5,000/mo after 3 months of using this course.

And It made perfect sense…

Instagram University 3.0 Inside

Although I believe what you learn inside Instagram University 3.0, I believe it’s the most effective way to do so.

Anyway, what’s inside Instagram University 3.0?

Instagram University 3.0 program has 7 core modules (I will go into the details of each) and a bonus module (module 8) where you get the latest updates and strategies to improve your campaign.

The coaching and updates that come with Instagram University 3.0 are the top reasons I believe this course is the best Instagram marketing training you can get on the internet.

Let’s talk about modules…

When you log in to your Instagram University 3.0 members area (that’s where you get access to this course), you will be greeted by a welcome video, explaining a little bit about the course, what to expect and how to get the most out of it.

As I said in my full Instagram University 3.0 Review, it’s important to watch this video because it tells a lot about the best way to put the course into use. This course is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, so It’s important to do as the instructor asks you.


Module 1: Welcome

As the description in the image above explains, this module is all about the basics. In this module, you’ll learn the strategy behind this course, ways to stand out when there’s a lot of competition, and different strategies you can use to build your Instagram Business.

Module 2: The Toolbox

Module 2 of Instagram University 3.0 is where you learn the different tools that are used to grow your audience, build landing pages. Those tools will help you reach your goals quicker.

Module 3: Instagram 101

Module 3 is the most important module of Instagram University 3.0. In this module, you’ll set your goals about Instagram University 3.0 and learn the strategy to make money with Instagram. This is my favorite module and this is where you’ll be going back all the time after starting your Instagram business.

Module 4: The golden blueprint

Module 4 is the first module where you’ll feel the real difference and finally understand why this course is so popular. In module 4, you’ll go from training to building and see everything in action. Niklas Pedde will actually start building a campaign right in front of you and will teach you everything as he builds a real campaign and start’s promoting a product right in front of you.

I’ve purchased tons of different Instagram marketing training courses out there and none of them come close to Instagram University 3.0 for strategies you’ll learn and the hands-on click-by-click action you get inside.

Module 5: Instagram Secrets

Module 5 will teach you why you should build a following on Instagram and a series of strategies to grow your audience fast. I really enjoyed this module because Niklas gives a good amount of detail in this module, something I’ve never seen anyone do and as always, he’ll be doing everything in front of you, so you get to witness it all in action.


Module 6: Branding Secrets

Module 6 of Instagram University 3.0 will teach you one of the most important aspects of Instagram marketing: brand building. Branding building is the core of any Instagram marketing business, you must be building a brand and create fans. Because fans buy more than followers.

Module 7: Instagram Blackbox

Before module 7, everything is about building a following and turn your followers into true fans. Module 7 will show you step by step how to make money from your audience. In this module, you’ll learn several techniques and strategies to make money on Instagram.

Module 8: Bonus Material

The Bonus Material module is one of my favorites in Instagram University 3.0 because it reminds you why you pay for a premium course like this one. Bonus Material Module is all about support and the newest strategies, Livestreams, testimonials, tests from Niklas Pedde and his team to help you get better at what you do and make more sales.