Kicksta Review: Background

This Kicksta review is for anyone looking to organically grow their Instagram account and get real followers plus consistent engagement.  Kicksta is an organic growth based service that helps you focus on creating quality content.

In addition, Kicksta takes an organic approach without the follow and unfollow technique. Kicksta uses targeted search tools to find users who may be similar to you in the hopes of helping you gain real and active followers. They have plenty of customer reviews to back up their service, so it does work.

Kicksta is completely upfront with people regarding their service and they don’t make any guarantees.  They have the same outlook about services that provide guarantees, which is ‘you should be careful’ with them.

Kicksta Review: Buy Followers And Likes Or Not?

Organic growth or buy followers?  It depends on your intention and goals.  If you’re in it for the long-haul, we don’t recommend buying followers and likes.  If you want social proof and quick results, buying followers and likes isn’t a bad idea.  It’s a great way to get some validation if someone comes across your page.  You can take a look at websites to buy followers and likes here.

Organic growth is a long game.  It’s an extremely long and difficult game where your goal is to build a real community with engaged followers behind your Instagram account.  Your followers will become your brand ambassadors and create a buzz around your brand.  Your ‘brand ambassadors’ validate your content by consistently engaging with your posts.

You have to exhibit some patience.  There is no such thing as overnight success if you’re going with the organic growth route.  It’s going to be a long time.  If you have no patience at all, we would suggest checking out our article here.

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Kicksta Review: Why Use A Social Media Manager?

First, a social media manager will need your login info to manage your Instagram account.  There’s no getting around it.  Why?  They’re going to be engaging with other accounts on your behalf.  In other words, they’re going to use your account to engage with other users for you.

They can’t grow your account without your login information.  Also, they’re selling you fake followers and likes if it says “no password required” on their website.

Best three reasons you should use a Social Media Manager:

  1. Experience.  In short, they’re good at it.  They have tons of data to know what works and what doesn’t work.
  2. Time.  Time is worth more than money.  You can prioritize your time and focus on creating quality content when you have a social media manager.  You don’t have to be glued to your phone and manually like pictures to get eyes on your Instagram account.
  3. Cheap.  Kicksta is economical and cost-efficient.  For less than $1.65 a day, you have a personal assistant who’s engaging with other people to grow your account.  The only thing you need to do is create awesome content, reply to comments, and respond to potential sponsors.

Instagram is a very competitive place.  It’s good to have every advantage you can get if you’re trying to promote your products, services or become an influencer.  Why?  There’s a lot of earning potential on Instagram and everyone is getting on the party bus.

Kicksta Review: How Does it Work?

Once you sign up, you provide them with a list of target Instagram accounts that have followers that you’d like to attract. These should be profiles that are similar to yours: competitors, complementary brands, influencers in your niche, etc.

Here is a quick list of things they can do:

  • You provide them with Instagram accounts that have followers you’d like to steal.
  • They’ll like 1-2 photos from each user following those accounts on your behalf.
  • The user will get a notification that you liked their photo and come back to check out your page.
  • Because they engage with people who have similar interests to your brand, it increases the chances they’ll want to follow your Instagram account.

They like around 10,000 photos a month, helping to boost the overall organic reach on your page. You’ll be able to manage your target accounts and check your progress in the Kicksta dashboard.

Kicksta Dashboard - Moneyoninsta

Kicksta Dashboard

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Why use Kicksta?  For less than $1.65 a day, you have your own personal Instagram assistant liking pictures for you all day without you doing anything except being focus on creating quality content.  Kicksta is cheaper than your daily Starbucks latte.  They’ll grow your Instagram account by engaging with your target audience.

Could you imagine all the time you can save?  You don’t have to manually like, comment, or follow/unfollow people.  Everything is on auto-pilot, so you can get your life back.  The only time you’ll need to open Instagram is when you reply to sponsors, respond to your posts’ comments, post your pictures, and see how much your account has grown.

Kicksta pride themselves on getting real people to follow your account.  Per their reviews, their clients have 11,000 to 163,000 followers.  They know what they’re doing, so you can get your Instagram numbers up.

Kicksta Review: Is Kicksta Safe To Use?

What do we like most about Kicksta?  We really like how they focus on Likes only.  This keeps your brand in good faith with other users.  When people follow/unfollow, it creates a bad reputation for accounts because users find it really annoying.  The Like approach is a safe approach to grow your account.

Is Kicksta safe to use?

Yes!  We believe so.

Is my Instagram password safe?

Absolutely!  The login process is 256-bit SSL, which is bank-level encryption.  Also, only you can change your Instagram password since the change password email is sent to your inbox.

Will Kicksta steal login information?

Absolutely not!  We always get this question.  We feel people think this question through before they ask it.  Why would a growth service want to steal your login information when they can create a new account and then use their service to grow it?

There’s no value in stealing your account because they spent time building the tool to monetize it.  They want a lot of people to use it, so they can earn a living off of it.

Kicksta review - moneyoninsta

Will I get shadowbanned?

Shadowban has nothing to do with using a bot.  Shadowban is about not showing up in hashtag search results.  This happens when you use too many hashtags and use irrelevant hashtags like #diet to a fitness picture.  Instagram considers these two situations as spam.

Will my account be banned?

There’s always a risk of getting banned when you’re automating on Instagram.  It’s against their Terms of Use.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Each platform will ban you if you’re too aggressive or obvious about it.

How to lower the risk?  Ease your way into it then slowly increasing the speed.  In addition, consistently change your targeting, settings, and speed.  Lastly, stay away from spammy comments or spamvertising on other people’s posts.

Kicksta Review: My Experience

Signup was easy. I entered my email address, created a password, then provided access to my Instagram account. For this experiment, I used my own personal Instagram account so I wouldn’t put a client’s account at any kind of risk that could’ve come from using a tool like this. I also signed up for the pricier Professional plan to have more targeting options.

After signing up and connecting my Instagram account, I was taken to my Kicksta dashboard. Here is where you enter your targets and track progress.

Kicksta Review: Best Instagram Growth Tool

For my targets, I used a combination of social media marketing-related usernames and hashtags (e.g. #instagrammarketing, #socialmediamarketing, etc.) to attempt to attract followers who’d be as relevant as possible.

I found that targeting usernames performed much better than hashtags. Kicksta lets you know how they’re performing (either Excellent, Great, Good, Poor, or Very Poor) with little icons next to your targets. They also let you know when a target has been depleted—meaning they’ve liked photos from all of a target’s followers—so you can turn off that target and add a new one.

I didn’t use any location targets because I couldn’t think of any relevance to the people I’d want to follow me. But if you’re a brick and mortar business, you could target people who have tagged your location in a photo (or even a competitor’s location).

I also received weekly performance report emails from my Customer Success Manager with suggestions on how to optimize growth and improve my targeting.

My biggest concern during this entire experiment was that Instagram was going to flag my account or shut it down, but I’m happy to report I did not receive any messages or warnings about suspicious logins or activity.

My Results

Instazood vs. Kicksta: Which Will Get You Real Instagram Followers?

When I started this little experiment a month ago, I had 488 followers. At the time of this writing, I have 758. That’s 300 new followers—17% growth. However, the Kicksta dashboard shows 147 new followers gained. So of those 300, only 270 have stuck around.

I would’ve liked to have seen stronger retention, but 300 new followers is much more than I typically gain in a month.

The followers who’ve stuck around appear to be relevant. I see a lot of them have social media or marketing job titles in their descriptions. None of them have only a single (or no) photo posted on their accounts. None of them are following 10,000 people, but have only a handful of followers themselves.

They seem like the real deal and I’ve chosen to follow many of them back.

In addition to new followers, I also received a lot of comments and likes on my photos. I got way more of these than I did followers. So that was a nice bonus.

Remember, Kicksta only “taps people on the shoulder” so a lot of people who saw that I’d liked their photos came to my channel and liked a few of mine—without choosing to follow me. And that’s okay. I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.

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Kicksta Review: Pros vs Cons

Kicksta Pros & Cons

Kicksta has its pros and cons like every Instagram growth service on the internet.  No service is immune to pros and cons.  We’ll address their pros and cons in this section.


1. 14-day money-back guarantee: The first thing that I would love to mention as a pro that comes with Kicksta is the fact that they actually offer you a 14-day money-back guarantee.

This means that you could simply get your money back from them if you do not like the results that you’re seeing on your Instagram account after 14 days of payment.

2. Web-based software: The second thing that I would also love to mention as a pro that I found while using Kicksta is the fact that you actually do not and will not need to install any software into your phone or laptop to start using Kicksta. It is a web-based software that works on autopilot 24/7.

3. Flexible Plan Cancellation: The third thing that I would love to mention as a pro that comes with Kicksta is the fact that you can cancel your plan with them at any time you wish.

I actually consider this a pro because there are some other Instagram growth companies like Stim Social who actually make their cancellation process so rigorous. However, the people who have had the most success with Kicksta are the ones who have been with them the longest.

4. Standard dashboard: The fourth thing that I would consider a pro that I found and liked while using Kicksta is the fact that they have a very easy to read dashboard that shows you everything you need to know about your Instagram account’s growth at a glance.

5. 24/7 customer support: The fifth thing that I would like to mention as a pro that comes with Kicksta is the fact that they offer 24/7 customer support which is something that is very very hard to find with most of Kicksta’s competitors.

6 Secure/Safe Website: The sixth and last thing that I would love to mention as a pro that comes with Kicksta is the fact that their website “” is 100% secure as we can see that they have a domain name with an “https” prefix to its domain name.

This means that it is a trusted and secure website so I would consider that as a pro.

  • Transparent about their service
  • Real customer reviews
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Fully managed service
  • Personal success manager
  • Multiple options to target new followers
  • Secure payment process
  • Easy on-boarding process
  • Ability to connect multiple accounts
  • Organic like approach
  • Two simple subscription options
  • Solid results
  • Live chat support
  • Referral program here.

Now, that I am done with the pros, let’s now get into the cons that come with using Kicksta because, obviously, everything that has its good sides also has its bad sides as well. Alright.

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1. Slightly high side budget: The first thing that I would love to mention as a con that comes with Kicksta is the fact that it is one of the most expensive Instagram growth services around the internet right now as their cheapest plan starts at $49.

But do not let the price of Kicksta discourage you because it actually works better than most of its competitors and has gotten me the most results of all the Instagram growth tools that I have used on my various accounts so far. (Trust me, it’s worth giving the shot!)

2. Paypal Payments: The second thing that I would like to mention as a con that comes with Kicksta is the fact that they do not receive payments via PayPal.

They only allow you to pay with your cards, and this can be referred to as a con to people who might for some reason prefer to make payments through PayPal. If you are someone that prefers PayPal, then Kicksta might be right for you.

3. Free trial: The third thing that I would love to mention as a con that comes with Kicksta would be the fact that Kicksta does not have a free trial like most of its competitors.

But the fact that they have a 14-day money-back guarantee makes everything balanced because you can actually pay, try Kicksta for 14 days straight, and then ask for your money back if you do not like what you see.

4. Login details: The fourth and final thing that I would consider a con that comes with Kicksta is the fact that you actually get to give your Instagram login details to third parties.

I know that that fact makes a lot of people uncomfortable but guys, the fact still remains that for any social media marketing service you want to pay for, your login details will be required by whoever will work on your social accounts for you.

And I can assure you guys that Kicksta keeps your information 100% safe because they have had mine for 8 months now and counting and I’ve not had any issues at all as regards my Instagram account getting hacked or something like that.

Now that we have looked through both the pros and the cons of Kicksta, let’s now take a glance through Kicksta’s features and their pricing plans.

Kicksta Review: How much does Kicksta cost?

Kicksta currently has two plans available.

Kicksta vs. Gramista | Which is better for organic followers?

The Standard plan includes:

• Moderate growth (they’ll do up to 1000 photo likes on your behalf daily)
• Smart Filters (to eliminate fake, bot, and inappropriate accounts)
• Video onboarding
• 10 targets

The Premium plan includes Smart Filters and video onboarding, plus:

• Maximum growth (they’ll do up to 1500 photo likes on your behalf daily)
• 40 targets
• Email and Live Chat support
• Gender targeting
• Hashtag targeting
• Location targeting
• Blacklisting (to prevent them from interacting with certain accounts and hashtags)

They do offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. They say if you’re not happy with your first two weeks of service, they’ll offer you a full refund with no questions asked. I can’t speak to the “no questions asked” claim because, for the sake of this experiment, I did not cancel my plan in that timeframe.

Kicksta Review: Final Verdict & Bonuses

In my opinion, Kicksta is safe to use. The site has an HTTPS URL. They also have a variety of genuine positive reviews on their website. Kicksta has been mentioned by a variety of reputable companies including the Huffington Post and Forbes. You should feel comfortable using this automation tool.

I also think Kicksta would work best for brands with national or international audiences. A local restaurant or retailer, for example, who wants to attract followers from their city may find that their local targets deplete too quickly.

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